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This list includes some of our better known artists. By clicking on an artist's name, you will be able to access more information about that artist and see a representative image of the artist's work. Below the artist's name we present the title of the selected work that we have chosen to represent the artist and the image file size.

Angeles Ballester
Descent from the Cross: image 36K
Kathy Cohen
Window With Cat: image 13K
Pedro Extremera
Luces Para Un "Terno": image 35K
Barbara Kur Green
Hidden Prayers: image 19K
F. E. Green
View of the Hudson Valley: image 20K
John Hampshire
untitled: image 40K
Jose Maria Iglesias
ELDAG con recuadro rojo: image 7K
Fred Douglas de Mayo
Icon of the Blessed Virgin: image 13K
Lorenzo Mena
En La Porteria: image 27K
Wren Panzella
Piano Trio: image 31K
Alkis Voliotis
Voices in Space: image 36K
Lorenz von Wagner
Exodus: image 110K
Fritz von Waldenburg
untitled abstract: image 14K

A Reunion of Gallery Artists on display in Albany during September 2005 presented works by Lorenz von Wagner and Kathy Cohen, with pieces also by Angeles Ballester

We need to provide fairly large image files so as to present the work in adequate detail. If you would like to review information about the artist before making the image file download, please select from your browser's OPTIONS menu a preference for NON-GRAPICAL MODE before clicking on the artist's name. You will then go to the text information about the artist. Then, if you want, you can click on the graphic icon with your right mouse button to load the graphic. If you would like to see the work in even greater detail, send us an email: We will send the image files for you to review in your favorite graphics program. In Adobe's PhotoShop or Corel's PhotoPaint and with your monitor placed in high resolution mode, you will be able see the images with maximum clarity. Or, better yet, you can arrange to have us show you the real artwork at our gallery.

As you review the images of the artists' works, please bear in mind that these are only images - representations of the artists' works. As images, they are subject to many spacial resolution and palette limitations. We provide a brief explanation for some of these limitations for those persons interested in digital imagery. There is no substitute for seeing the works in person.

Our Gallery number is (518) 449-1233. Or you can send us email:

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