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Friedrich Froebel:
His Life, Times and Significance
Presentation set of Froebel's Kindergarten Gifts 1-6
Recommended for teachers, architects and artists who wish to understand and explore the creative possiblites of the original gifts designed by Friedrich Froebel for the first Kindergarten.
Unit Blocks
designed by Friedrich Froebel, these unit blocks are rounded on the long edges and sanded and softened on the ends and corners. These sanded maple unit blocks are completely unfinished, too large to pose a choking hazard and satisfy the CPSC rules for children under the age of three.
Friedrich Froebel tee shirt
featuring image of the first Kindergarten
Friedrich Froebel mug
Portrait of Friedrich Froebel
Anchor Stone Building Blocks
Architects and inventors Gustav and Otto Lilienthal took Froebel's ideas and looked for possible ways to produce artificial stone blocks. Using quartz sand, chalk, suitable dyes and a varnish made from linseed oil they produced blocks resembling the building materials, brick, sandstone and slate.
Super Magz
Stronger magnets and longer bars. The bars contain much more powerful magnets to build sturdier structures. When making Super Magz, quality was the main incentive. Because Super Magz contains larger bars (1.75 inches or 4.5 cm), it also has more powerful magnets. Create structures of amazing strength and complexity in two and three dimensions.
SOMA cubes

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