Friedrich Froebel

Letters to the Friend of Children and Humanity

translated by Johannes Froebel-Parker, from the German "Mein Lieber Herr Froebel!, Briefe an der Kinder und Menschenfreund"
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Thusnelda Salzmann
a distant cousin who supported Kindergarten. Schnepfenthal, October, 1840
Ottilie de Liagre
observes that Froebel's Method should empower children to be lively and free, but immature people can degrade it into a mechanical routine. Hamburg, June 1844
Rosina Roos
describes the acceptance of Kindergarten after initial concern about allowing children to play. Rieder Ingelheim, August 19, 1844
Pauline Hauthal
writes a charming account of her son, Otto playing with the fourth gift. Rudolstadt, August 24, 1848
Johanna Hebart
describes her desire to be a Kindergarten teacher. Nuernberg, August 19, 1850
Dorothea Huebner
shares her joy at her appointment. Hamburg, November 30, 1850
Babette Fischer
writes to seek admission to the training course at Marienthal. Nuernberg October 9, 1851
Gretchen Bielefeldt
writes with Birthday greetings and gifts made by the children of her Kindergarten. April, 1851 and 1852
Anna Hesse
writes from First Citizens' Kindergarten in Hamburg with Birthday greetings April, 1852
Minna Schellhorn
trained at Marienthal and now writes with samples of blue cloth, which Froebel had asked her to send. June 1852
Johanna Froebel
participated in the Pedagogues’ Convention 1848 in Rudolstadt, married Friedrich Froebel’s nephew, Karl Froebel, and worked at his educational institute in Zurich.
Minna Kirchner
writing about Mother Songs
read the German text in "Mein Lieber Herr Froebel!, Briefe an der Kinder und Menschenfreund" Berlin (DDR): Verlag Volk und Wissen, 1990

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