Friedrich Froebel

Letters to the Friend of Children and Humanity

translated by Johannes Froebel-Parker, from the German "Mein Lieber Herr Froebel!, Briefe an der Kinder und Menschenfreund"
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Hamburg, November 30, 1850

Highly Regarded Mr Froebel!

I am heartened by your friendly reply to my correspondence of August 18th. I recognize in your words just how much you take part in the progress of our common work and also in the individual well-being of your (female) students. I allow myself for this reason to tell you with joy that the temporary directorship of the Second Citizens' Kindergarten was granted to me definitively on November 1st.

I hope for much success with this endeavor due to the understanding of the teachings you gave us and also due to our eternal love of " The Cause." I confess, worthy Mr. Froebel, that I have an active desire in my being that you honor us with a visit to our Kindergarten. I also say with pride that I am awaiting your comments about the condition and progress of our Garden, in which there are presently 50 children.

With the innermost wish for your well-being I remain with great respect,

Participated in the training course from 1849/1850
Directress of the Second Citizens' Kindergarten in Hamburg

read the German text in "Mein Lieber Herr Froebel!, Briefe an der Kinder und Menschenfreund" Berlin (DDR): Verlag Volk und Wissen, 1990

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