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Froebel Gifts

Classics made in Germany

Free shipping, International orders welcome. Recommended for children from the age of 3 years and older.

These are the authentic Froebel Gifts (Froebelgaben in German) made in Germany from beechwood by skilled craftsmen using traditional using methods handed down from generation to generation for over 150 years. The precision of these beechwood building blocks has won international praise from Architects.

shopset.JPG Building blocks designed by Friedrich Froebel

The first building blocks designed by Friedrich Froebel are a set of eight cubes, which are known as the third gift. The eight blocks of the fourth gift are twice as long and half the width to extend creative play and active learning. Combine the sixteen blocks of both the third and fourth gifts for even more fun. Gifts five and six progressively introduce new shapes for creative play, active learning and design.

These four boxes with sliding lids contain 91 beechwood blocks.

  • 8 one inch cubes,
  • 8 blocks 2 x 1 x .5 inches
  • 21 one inch cubes, 6 half blocks, 12 quarter blocks.
  • 18 blocks 2 x 1 x .5 inches, 12 blocks 1 x 1 x .5 inches, 6 blocks 2 x .5 x 5 inches

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