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Anchor Stone Building Blocks

Precisely following the original design concepts and module system of Froebel Gifts, Anchor Stone Building Blocks are made in Rudolstadt, Thuringia the home and native land of Friedrich Froebel

Start with set 6 and then add extension sets in sequential order to progressively build larger and more complex structures.

Each box includes a set of illustrated plans to develop the skills to design your own unique structures. The plans in extension set 10A require pieces from the four sets: 6, 6A, 8A and 10A.

It was from the collectors' community, that the stimulus came for a revival of the building blocks which had once enjoyed worldwide popularity. After several years of preparation and with strong support from the European Social Fund, the employment agency, the Community Development Association (LandesEntwicklungsGesellschaft - LEG) and the government of Thuringia, a new company, Modellbausteinspiele GmbH, was founded in 1995.

Books about Friedrich Froebel and creative play with Blocks

A selection of books by Friedrich Froebel and modern authors about playing with blocks and building are available to browse and buy online at Froebel Web store in association with

unit blocks starter kit Unit Blocks Starter Kit

The 40 unit blocks of the Starter Kit include the shapes of the third and fourth Froebel Gifts for supervised play with children from 12 months old.

At this age, children begin to put blocks together and match them. Stacking one block on top of another is the first step in building.

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Ball and Stick Construction sets

Friedrich Froebel developed ball and stick construction systems as active play materials for children, which extend and develop the skills gained by playing with blocks. Modern designers have created these construction sets using modern materials like plastic and magnets to enhance the possibilities for creative and imaginative play.

Crazy Forts

Each purple ball has a number of holes into which can be inserted the green sticks of uniform length to from squares or equilateral triangles. Geometric forms such as cubes, tetrahedra, octahedra and square pyramids may be formed. The possiblities for construction and creative play include making spaces from imaginative play.

each set contains: 25 balls, about 2 inches in diameter and 44 sticks, about 16 inches long.


36 bars and 20 balls

The bars contain powerful magnets to build sturdier structures.

Create structures of amazing strength and complexity in two and three dimensions.


Advanced Math Creator 4

A serious kit which includes a healthy dose of greens along with Challenge Cards, Manuals, the Bubble Adventure book and Learning Adventures DVD.

Zome Geometry book

by George Hart

This book offers grades 8-12 more than 60 easy to follow activities and over 150 explorations into the geometry of nature inherent in Zome System. Each lesson contains blackline activity masters, teacher notes, answers and solutions. Eight full-color images of Zome models are provided.