150 anniversary of the death of Friedrich Froebel
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second Froebel gift


forms are arrangements of blocks, which display symmetry and harmony. Unlike the life forms, they do not represent particular objects which the child has seen. Beauty forms appeal to our aesthetic sense. Froebel also called this dancing as the blocks are progressively rearranged to reveal evolving patterns of increasing complexity.

beauty forms of fifth gift

In this series of illustrations, the blocks of the fifth gift are initially arranged to form a square and four right angle triangles, as shown in the top left hand corner drawing 1. In drawing 2 to the right, eight of the blocks of the square have been moved away from the center block.

Below drawing 2 is drawing 3, the four cubes have moved from the bases of the four triangles to the points. Drawing 4 continues the unfolding pattern of the dancing blocks, towards drawing 6 in the bottom right corner.

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Fifth Gift
fifth Froebel gift

27 cubes, some halved and some quartered. The diagonal division of the cube is the new idea introduced.